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We address the necessity to face the extraordinary challenge of shorter product design cycle times with CAD/CAE design services for automotive ancillaries to assist OEMs keep profitable.

We provide automotive product design services such as:

  • Legacy data conversion as well as 2D to 3D Conversion of parts

  • Automotive 2D CAD capabilities for part design, sizing, selection, assembly design drawings.

  • 3D rendering and modeling for complete vehicle integration and design of under-body parts

  • 3D CAD modeling with PMI annotation and GD&T

  • Reverse engineering solutions to adapt existing design to vehicle variants and automotive components

  • Parametric part modelling for Rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing compatibility

  • Static Analysis, tolerance analysis, manufacturing feasibility analysis and design automation


If you are using Creo, manufacturing processes can be well-defined and visualised with CAM extensions like Creo Machining and Multi-Surface Milling.

With these add ons, you can specify the operations (tools and toolpaths) that will be used to machine the finished part, or make final finishing operations on cast or 3D printed parts right from within Creo


In fact, you will be able to even see animations of the toolpaths and see material removal, defining and optimizing the manufacturing process within Creo will assist you to build the most of your models and manufacturing.


Best part? If, as inevitably happens, a design modifications must be created to the 3D design, the seamless integration and associativity between the CAD and CAM aspects of Creo can prevent a big amount of work on & cut back the chance for error.Creo will recalculate the toolpath for you and you will be able to simply click play to display it.


Heavy engineering industry poses a completely different CAD / CAE challenge because of the large scale of operation and the sizes concerned. Because of the sheer size and weight constraints, the necessities on operational and construction safety are extremely stringent. Usage of the equipment under this category itself means that the each challenge is exclusive and needs a contemporary approach and innovative thinking to design and address the issues. Aksans Technologies has a well-tried memoir in this difficult sector and has been involved in projects of national and international repute.

Heavy Engineering CAD Capabilities

  • Design of huge structures as per standards and codes like ASME.

  • Detailed development of structural design from concepts.

  • Design of joints/fabrication method and manufacturing engineering support.

  • Preparation of intermediate BOM for procurement

  • Design of jigs/fixture and special working holding devices for huge fabrication.

  • Assembly sequence animation and CBT's.


Coordinate your technology demands, remodel your processes, and deliver profitable products on time

Between your innovative product lines and international collaborative groups that never stop reaching for ensuing massive disruption, the electronics and high-tech industry sees only possibilities.

Discover how product life cycle management (PLM) will facilitate address key business challenges in your industry, from accelerating product innovation cycles to global and outsourced design and supply chain execution, including:


  • ​Shorter product life cycles at a lower cost

  • Rapid response  to dynamic market conditions with fewer resources

  • Driving digital transformation to deliver design and build anywhere 

  • Global supply chain and outsourced design team collaboration 

  • Improvements in quality and product profitability 


In Aerospace industry, the ever changing needs of man’s desire to explore the modern technique have led to many major achievements that have had positive influences on many walks of life. The projects are not only complex, but also need continuous efforts and resources to be spent to reach maturity levels. Aksans Technologies has been a key player in many projects of global and national importance, involved in the initial phases of conceptual development and have invested significantly to develop strong point that are required to successfully implement these large projects.

Some of the services offered in this sector are


  • Integration and aggregate design

  • Detailed engineering design from conceptual studies

  • Composite modeling Mechanism design

  • Structural design and validation

  • Training and 3D interactive user manuals

  • Scanning and reverse engineering

  • Parametric Part modeling and CAD customization

  • Jigs & Fixture design

  • Legacy data conversion as well as 2D to 3D conversion services

  • Manufacturing and engineering drawing generation

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